Sound barrier system Veldhuizen

Holland Scherm, in collaboration with KWS Utrecht region, has started the realization of a sound barrier system along the highway A12 Utrecht-The Hague, near Utrecht-Veldhuizen. Geobest provides the geotechnical design for this project.

The sound barrier wall will be realized to the West of the existing sound barrier. The N198 (Veldhuizerweg) and a gas substation divide the existing and new sound barrier. The sound barrier lies between the highway A12 and the N419, has a length of approximately 660 meters and will be 10 meters high. A sound barrier screen with a height of 9 m will be constructed next to the wall.
The results of the soil investigation show that the subsoil in the first few meters consists of soft to very soft clay and peat layers. The compressibility of these layers affects the design and construction of the sound barrier.

The project will be completed at the end of the year 2022.